Our International Partners


We proudly live in Canada, and wouldn’t change that for the world!  However, when it comes to farming, we can only grow and harvest as the weather allows.  Canadian winters are long! Our import program was developed in order to fill the gaps for those items out of season or not available locally.  We enjoy fresh greens in the middle of winter as much as anybody, and who doesn’t love a Fair Trade banana?  We do our best to work with growers who share our values, and we are fortunate to work with so many.   

(possible to include a rolling banner with suppliers logos, that are links to their websites?  Equifruit, Hillside, Lakeside, Benzler etc.) 

Some of these relationships have developed into partnerships, where select growers in the United States pack veggies with our specifications under our brand.  When you see “Pfenning US” brand, you will know that you are getting product from one of these carefully cultivated partnerships.  Carrots, spinach and kale are the most frequent examples of this. 

For an in-depth look at one of these relationships, with Hillside Gardens in Georgia, read here: http://pfenningsfarms.ca/fresh-produce-year-round-weve-got-it-covered/