Does Pfenning’s sell direct to public, or only wholesale? 

  • Pfenning’s is primarily a wholesaler, selling to stores, restaurants, producers & more. If you’d like to become a customer, contact us here.

  • We do sell directly to the public locally through our food box program! Live in the New Hamburg area? You can order & learn more on our Bounty By The Box page here. 


Is Pfenning’s Organic Vegetables still family owned? 

  • Yes! Pfenning’s is currently owned and being run by the 2nd generation, with the 3rd generation working alongside and learning the ropes. 


Is all Pfenning’s produce grown on the Pfenning farm? 

  • Not all produce that we sell from the farm is grown in our fields. We work with import produce, grower partners, and local growers to supply and fill our customers’ needs with a wide variety of organic produce. 


How does Pfenning’s still operate through the winter? 

  • We are a packer, distributor and importer of organic produce, keeping us busy and selling organic fruits & veggies year-round! We also have some local storage crops that we package throughout the winter as well as some crops that continue to grow through the frosts.


Are you affiliated with Pfenning’s Organic & More?

  • No, the storefront in St. Agatha is owned by a Pfenning’s family member and we supply the store with organic produce but it is a completely separate business! 


Why is organic produce better? 


Why did Pfenning’s go the organic route?