Transparency and accountability are a major part of our values here, and we want you to have confidence that we are doing what we say we are doing.  Certification by an objective third party is the best way we can give that to you.   

Our organic certification follows the Canadian Organic Standard.  The organic standard is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  Pro-Cert oversees our operation and inspects our farms and facilities against the Standard.  We submit documentation outlining our Organic Plan once per year and as updates are made.  Mid growing season we are inspected by a verification officer.  Our organic certificate is available to view here.   

Pfenning’s Organic Vegetables follows the CanadaGAP food safety program for fresh fruits and vegetables.  NSF-GFTC inspects our production and packing facilities annually against the CanadaGAP Standard.  We manage the program internally by doing internal inspections, water tests, employee training, and following procedures based on best practices, among other things.  For a complete list of the activities and produce that comply with the CanadaGAP Food Safety Manual, view our certificate here