A Welcome Taste of Sunshine

Written by Bernadette Antoniou
Monday, December 10, 2018 — 0 Comments

lemonsLuscious Lemons! 

We believe in supporting local first.  But there are times when this just doesn't work.  There are things we cannot grow here, and as a Canadian operation this means our growing season is comparatively short. But we are more than "just" a farm here - we also import fruits and veg that don't grow here, or are out of season.  And thank goodness for that!  We are fortunate to be able to turn to growers in warmer climates to make up for what we lack, so our selection is pretty complete. As the holidays approach, citrus fruits are particularly celebrated!  I think there are a few reasons for this: colour is something we lack on short winter days, when the landscape features whites, browns and greys, so we really love the gorgeous pops of colour citrus fruits give.  The high Vitamin C levels they are known for are a needed immune booster to us snow-dwellers (as well as many other health benefits).   Our winter months are when citrus is in season.  This is why the flavours are so vibrant - they are at their sweetest! It's easy to imagine little bursts of sunshine exploding on your tongue.

limesLuscious Limes!

There's a traditional aspect as well.  When speaking of his childhood in the 1940's, my father told us often of his Christmas orange.  In those days, gift-giving wasn't the extravagant affair it seems to have become now.  A stocking containing a penny, the Christmas orange and a stick of rock candy along with a practical gift such as homemade mittens or a hat was the extent of it.  And that orange was valued and savoured as much as the candy!  Funny to think that's something we more or less take for granted now.  I also remember making pomanders with my Mother and Grandmother out of oranges and cloves.  That aroma takes me back to childhood Christmases in a flash...

orange decorated with cloves, pomander Aromatic pomander.

Most of our citrus fruit comes from Sundance Organics and we are proud to feature their product line. They feature a full selection of citrus fruit, and also avocado and some exotics such as kumquats.  Like us they grow organically, are mindful of their environmental impact, and are community-minded - always looking to a better future.  Their Buy One, Grow One program embodies all of this:

"Through a new program we call Buy One, Grow One, when you purchase any Sundance Organics fruit from the grocery store, we’ll donate a percentage of the sale to help grow a piece of fruit for a family in need. With Plant With Purpose, all it takes is $1 for a farmer to plant a fruit tree and that one tree can provide thousands of pieces of fruit over its lifetime. Together, we can help transform the lives of thousands of people in rural communities around the world."

The focus always comes back to health: healthy environment, healthy food, healthy people, healthy communities.  What can possibly be more important than that?

oranges Juicy, beautiful oranges!

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