Crazy for Cranberries!

Written by Bernadette Antoniou
Friday, November 30, 2018 — 0 Comments

hands holding cranberries with some on a tableA little handful of fresh cranberries! 

December is upon us, and weekends are filling up with gatherings, shopping and baking. A blanket of snow is greeted with hopes that it will stay for a while, and a feeling of anticipation colours our daily activities. Jewel-like, ruby red cranberries are a seasonal holiday treat we just can't do without!  Cranberry sauce is simple to make, and is a traditional accompaniment to festive feasts.  But it doesn't stop there!  Their tart flavour makes them quite versatile.  Ever tried them in a stuffed squash?  Mixed in with a rice pilaf side dish?  Or how about with apples in a dessert, or in an attractive and tasty drink?  You could try this Cranberry Pound Cake with Orange Glaze, a treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds!  They even look beautiful strung into a garland to decorate a tree or mantel.  (Personally, I'd rather have them in my belly.)

Springbrook Cranberries, all the way from NB, are our favourites and this is why:

  • They are certified organic (of course!)  Growing cranberries organically is very difficult, and the Nason family's dedication to doing it anyway shows their values and dedication to a better future.  Afraid of hard work and innovative thinking, they are not.
  • Cranberries are GORGEOUS.
  • They taste amazing.
  • And, as if we need another reason, the Nasons are truly lovely people to do business with.

The Nasons  holding cranberry juice Larry and Kathy Nason at the Guelph Organic Conference.

We hope you will love Springbrook Cranberries just as much as we do!  Look for them in your local retail store, or in your food boxes.  Ask for them if you don't see them!    

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