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Growth: Capacity

Written by Rachel Nafziger Monday, January 18, 2021

Wooden bins full of dino kale

Pfenning’s has had growing pains since the very beginning… and we’re not complaining! As Wolfgang says, it’s “a good problem to have”. We are proud to have been able to increase our capacity to serve our growing customer base and community in so many different ways over the past 40 years.

Humble Beginnings

When the Pfenning farm first came to be in New Hamburg in 1981, Wilhelm, Barnhild and their four children were the entire farming team. With one plot of 150 acres they set out on their organic farming mission. For the first growing season of 1982 it was just the 6 of them. They grew a small amount of vegetables that they sold at the Kitchener farmers...

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How to Deal With Pests Naturally - General Tips

Written by Bernadette Antoniou Tuesday, June 4, 2019

closeup of ants insects

Farmers and gardeners alike have been battling pests since there were such things as farming and gardening.

Yes, pests are natural, but so is the desire to be rid of them!  It can be frustrating, disheartening, and even devastating to see all your hard work destroyed by hungry insects or strangled by weeds.  At first, the invention of chemical pesticides and herbicides seemed like a godsend -  dealing with these challenges became so much easier!  However, we have learned that over-reliance on these chemicals is short-sighted and harmful over the long term.  Consider the declining populations of...

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Overwintered Spinach

Written by Bernadette Antoniou Friday, May 31, 2019

loose spinach

For us this year, spring has been slow coming.  Here we are at the end of May and sunny days have been few and far between.  Lots of rain has prevented us from being in the fields as much as we would like. But this week, we've been very happy to harvest a good amount of overwintered spinach!

The team harvesting overwintered spinach. You may be wondering what does that mean, "overwintered?" 

The outer leaves have borne the brunt of the winter, but the core of the plant is healthy. The spinach was planted in the fall, and were...

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Market Day

Written by Lauren Stallard Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Experience local food - have fun with us - farmers food (fun)draising

Join us Saturday October 5, 2019 for a farmers’ market style experience showcasing the best of Local & Organic from farm to fork…

=We will be raising funds for Pfenning’s Community Food Access program= Read more about the intent behind the event

RSVP and share with your friends!

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Supporting Organic in Ontario - What you Missed at the OCO AGM

Written by Lauren Stallard Thursday, April 18, 2019

Glenn Valliere, Lauren Stallard, and Laura Mitchell standing under the OCO banner The Pfenning's Team at the OCO AGM - left to right - Glenn Valliere, Lauren Stallard, and Laura Mitchell

If you’re reading this you’re probably already one of the 66% of Canadians that purchase organic food weekly1. Maybe you’re into local food too, but have you ever thought about what “Farm to Fork” means for organic? It’s probably more complex than you might think.

Infographic with facts about the organic industry in Canada

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Fresh Produce Year-Round? We've Got It Covered

Written by Bernadette Antoniou Friday, March 8, 2019

One of our fields quietly sleeping on a cold, Canadian winter's day.

Right now here in New Hamburg, it is winter, and our fields are quietly sleeping.  But unlike our fields, we do not slow down in the winter months.  Rather, it's more of a shifting of gears, as we focus more on the importing side of the business.  Farming is seasonal work, but many of our employees work year-round - this includes office, warehouse and production teams.  This way, we are able to offer our customers a complete line of produce year-round.

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